• We are ready for change!
    We are ready for change!
  • Educating the future of our Nation
    Educating the future of our Nation
  • Life is all about sharing love & painting a smile
    Life is all about sharing love & painting a smile
  • Our future is in your hands!
    Our future is in your hands!
Thank you for your
interest and willingness
to make a difference

UK or the EU (Tax benefit to UK citizens only)

  • Givers can set up accounts online through Stewardship a registered UK charity whose aim is to assist giving. 
  • To give click on the website at www.stewardship.org.uk under the heading Give Funds and create a personal account.
  • Once an online account has been opened, Givers may make gift requests using Debit & Credit cards.
  • Alternatively, an application form can be downloaded from here, and, once completed, can be sent to:

    PO Box 99, Loughton, Essex, IG10 3BR

  • Stewardship requires the application to be sent to us as we need to have the original signed Gift Aid Declaration and, where applicable, the original signed Direct Debit mandate.
  • If a supporter wishes to make a one-off gift they can send in a cheque with their application form (cheques to be made payable to ‘Stewardship’).
  • Stewardship maybe contacted on ... (+44) 0208 502 8560
  • If the query relates specifically to our Online service the Helpdesk telephone number is .... 0208 502 1100 or send an email to our Head of Giving Services at: giving@stewardship.org.uk

US and Canada

Eternal Perspective Ministries 

39085 Pioneer Blvd., Suite 206
Sandy, OR  97055

  • For those wishing to donate using a credit card, please call either of the following numbers. 1.503.668.5200 or toll-free order line 1.877.376.4567
  • EPM will forward contributions designated to LEADS via wire transfer. Tax benefit only to US citizens.

Special note on contribution designations to specific organizations:  In order to comply with federal regulations, the ultimate decision of designation to specific organizations must be left to the ministry of EPM.  However, we will do our best to honor your request when we send out contributions within 30 days of receipt or as in one bulk sum at the end of the month, as wire transfers cost between $35 and $50 to send.


Commonwealth Bank (Glen Waverley) – Kingston City Church G2 . BSB 063182 . AC NO 11194415

Description of the deposit (so that they know to re deposit the funds to LEADS): LEADS <Donor Name>

Please inform LEADS via email of any transfer of funds directly made into the above account number (The PURPOSE, DONOR, AMOUNT, BANK FROM WHICH TRANSFER IS MADE AND DATE OF TRANSFER)

Contact Details:

Finance Manager : iranga@leads.lk
General Email : leads@leads.lk  
Cc : roshan@leads.lk
Fax : + 94 11 555 2727
Finance : +  94 11 7398106
Direct : + 94 11 7398105

LEADS is registered as a charity by act of parliament (gazette No. 370 of 04.10.85) and a social service non-governmental organization with the Ministry of Social services (No. 11/41/407/84&L11401/2000). Our complianceincludes that ouraccounts are audited and verified by the following auditors

External Auditor: PricewaterHouseCoopers Internal Auditor: KPMG Project Auditor: Ernst & Young