Our Work

Empowering Communities

LEADS believes that every person has the inherent right to equitable opportunities, economic sufficiency and social justice. It is thereby committed to transform underprivileged and vulnerable communities into communities that are empowered and equipped to attain sustainable development through their own means. This is a process that requires a comprehensive assessment of needs and socio-economic barriers that prevent the impoverished and the marginalised from reaching adequate living standards. LEADS’ Community Transformation Unit implements specially designed Child-Centred Community Development (CCCD) and community transformation initiatives with the aim of promoting community participation at all levels of interventions and empowering identified communities to take ownership of their village development, while ensuring that all households are equipped to sustain their families’ needs. Thus, communities across Sri Lanka are weaned off a state of dependency and adequately empowered to be responsible stakeholders of sustainable development.

LEADS’ Advocacy Unit too intervenes in promoting gender-inclusive socioeconomic growth among vulnerable communities while also engaging in community development programmes with the aim of promoting child rights and well-being among rural communities.