On 22 February 2022, National Development Bank PLC (NDB), a pioneer in future banking in Sri Lanka in partnership with Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on “Lifestyle Banking Philanthropic Offering Programme” at the NDB PLC office in Colombo.

Signing for and on behalf of National Development Bank PLC were Mr. Zeyan Hameed, Vice President- Branch Network Management and Product Development and Mr. Gihan Punchihewa, Assistant Vice President- Privilege and Privilege Select Banking. Mr. Errol Abeyratne, Chairman of the Board and Mr. Monroe Jayasuriya, Chief Executive Officer signed for and on behalf of Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service.

Based on the recently signed MOU, NDB will provide Lifestyle Philanthropy services to enable its customers to easily donate to a charity project of their choice offered by LEADS.  The projects include psychosocial support for survivors of child abuse, supporting the drop-in centre for children of urban slums in Mattakkuliya, vocational training for survivors of child abuse, formation of Self-Help Groups to support financial stability in vulnerable communities and livelihood support for families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing a common goal of creating a brighter future for their beneficiaries, the partnership between NDB and LEADS serves as the first step towards a fruitful partnership.

In his statement at the signing of the MOU, the Chief Executive Officer of LEADS Mr. Monroe Jayasuriya stressed the need for a unified effort to help vulnerable children, who have been doubly victimised due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation. “The lives of children are put at greater risk as some of them are trapped in their own homes unable to go to school or enjoy their play time. As a result, many are exposed to violence or abuse in their homes. LEADS facilitates children in urban slums to get away from this environment by providing the facility of a “Drop-in Centre” with the aim of improving their lives.”

NDB is committed towards excellence and is a driving force for financially empowered Sri Lanka.

LEADS is a national agency established in 1983 and an approved non-governmental oraganisation dedicated to creating safer spaces and brighter futures for the children of Sri Lanka.

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