LEADS believes that every child should have access to a bright future.

This is why we are committed to provide restorative care and holistic support for survivors of child abuse through our specialised team of mental health practitioners. LEADS is one of the only local organisations that provide residential and non-residential therapeutic care, legal aid and reintegration support free of charge for all survivors of child abuse who seek our help.


LEADS believes that every child should have access to a bright future.

This is why we are committed to provide restorative care and holistic support for survivors of child abuse through our specialised team of mental health practitioners. LEADS is one of the only local organisations that provide residential and non-residential therapeutic care, legal aid and reintegration support free of charge for all survivors of child abuse who seek our help.


LKR 3,750 per child for one month of legal aid, reintegration support, basic and logistical expenses.


LEADS requires LKR 9,900,000 per year to support the children receiving our care.




If support more than per month cost is raised, then surplus donation will be carried forward to next month. If you need any further clarification, please contact our Child Sponsorship Coordinator via [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to sponsor a survivor of child abuse with LEADS? These FAQs will give you all the information you need about our Child Sponsorship Programme. Please contact our Child Sponsorship Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.

01. What is the impact of donating towards LEADS’ Child Sponsorship Programme?

The therapeutic care provided by LEADS for survivors of child abuse has a unique holistic approach. This includes psychosocial therapy and counselling, family strengthening, legal aid, reintegration support and follow-up services. LEADS’ Child Protection programme is recognised by the National Child Protection Authority of Sri Lanka (NCPA). LEADS has a team of Mental Health Specialists, Counsellors and trained caregivers to support the psychosocial needs of the children receiving care through our centres. We do all we can to ensure that every child who receives our care, is provided with the psychosocial support and follow-up services they need to return to normalcy.


LEADS is also dedicated towards creating safer spaces and brighter futures for children in Sri Lanka. We regularly conduct broader awareness raising and training programmes across the country to ensure that social groups and community leaders such local government officials and pre-school teachers are equipped to teach children to protect themselves from abuse. Through our Advocacy Department, we lobby for Child Rights at national policy level while promoting awareness on Child Rights at grassroots-level among rural and vulnerable communities.


02. Can I select the child I wish to sponsor?

Yes, we can help you select a child to sponsor through our Child Sponsorship Programme. This option however will be available for donors who will be committing to sponsor a child for a period of 12 months or more. We however reassure you that all children who receive support through the programme are in need of support and that their need is assessed by our Child Protection Department before they are entered into the programme.


03. Can I sponsor a child from a locality or district of my preference?

Yes, we can help you select a child from our primary working areas of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Gampaha, Colombo, Kalutara, Ratnapura, Nuwara Eliya, Badulla, Monaragala and Hambantota.


04. Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes, you are always welcome to support more than one child and you can reach out to our Child Sponsorship Programme Coordinator via [email protected] to tailor your donation to best suit you.


05. For how long would a child require financial support?

A child who will be receiving therapeutic care at our centres could stay with us for a maximum period of 18 to 24 months, depending on the level of psychosocial care they need. You will be informed when the child leaves the programme. You can always request to be assigned to a new child when the child receiving your support successfully exits the programme, if you wish to be a continuous donor with LEADS.


06. How do I begin the process of sponsoring a child with LEADS?

Please visit our Child Sponsorship web platform at where you can make your donation. You can register if you are a first-time donor and this will make it easier for you when you next visit our page to make a donation. We will contact when you make your donation with information on selecting a child and tailoring the sponsorship to best suit your commitment. You can also write a message to the child who will receive your support in the text box provided.


07. How safe is your online donation platform?

We can assure you that the platform is 99% safe and that there is very minimal financial risk associated with the platform as it is directly linked with the bank.


08. I do not want to use my credit/debit card to make an online donation. Is there an alternative method?

You can always opt to make a direct bank transfer if you are not comfortable donating online. By selecting the offline donation option on, you will receive details you need to transfer your donation directly to the bank. Please do not forget to mention ‘Child Sponsorship’ in your transfer details along with your contact information so that we will be able to identify you and get in touch with you.

09. How will my donation be acknowledged?

In addition to the automated response you receive through our donation platform, we will email you a receipt together with an update of the Child Sponsorship Programme for every donation you make. You will also receive LEADS’ monthly e-newsletter so that you can stay informed of the work we do at LEADS.


10. How will I be informed of the progress of the child I sponsor? Will I receive correspondence directly from the child?

You will receive a general progress report of the child that will be sent out once in 3 months. You will also receive correspondence from the child in the form of a letter or a Christmas/New Year greeting card.


11. How can I send a Birthday, Christmas or New Year gift or greeting card to the child I sponsor?

Please forward all gifts or greetings to the LEADS office and we will deliver it to the child. You can email our Sponsorship Coordinator via [email protected] to forward greetings and correspondence and our mailing address is LEADS, No. 25, Hospital Road, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka. Please note that we will be checking all correspondence/packages in the best interest of the child.


12. In addition to the standard monthly donation of $20/LKR 3,750, will I be able to make an additional donation towards the child or their family? 

Unfortunately, you cannot make additional donations towards the child or their family, as per our organisational policies. However, you can donate towards our other interventions in Safeguarding Children, Empowering Communities and Responding to Emergencies via

13. Will I be able to visit the child I sponsor?

In the best interest of the child’s well-being and with the aim of protecting their identity, LEADS only permits the child’s immediate family or authorised staff to visit the child.


14. How can I refer a child I know to the Child Sponsorship Programme at LEADS?

If there is a child you know who has survived abuse and is in need of psychosocial support, you can contact one of our Mental Health Practitioners or Child Psychologists via our 24-hour Child Care Hotline – 075 712 1212


15. What percentage of my donation goes directly towards the Sponsorship Programme?

95% of your donation will directly go towards the child you sponsor.


16. Is there an administration cost that is included to the donation I make?

Only 5% of your donation will be incurred as an administration cost.


17. Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, as LEADS is an approved charity in Sri Lanka, your donation is tax deductible within the country. For foreign nationals, this would depend on the law of your country.


18. Can I donate if I live outside Sri Lanka?

We welcome everyone to be a part of our Child Sponsorship Programme! You can easily donate in US Dollars, Euros, Sterling Pounds or Sri Lanka Rupees via our online payment gateway on

19. Can I donate to honour or in memory of a loved one?

Yes, you can make a donation in the name of a loved one if you wish to honour their legacy or even celebrate someone near and dear to you. Please mention the name of the person you wish to celebrate or honour and we will be happy to make the receipt out to this person.


If you would like to honour the legacy of a loved one, we also have a Legacy Giving programme that will help you start a Trust Fund or a Scholarship in the name of your loved one. Please write to us at [email protected] for more on how we can help you. You can also donate towards any other interventions in Safeguarding Children, Empowering Communities or Responding to Emergencies; write to us to find out more.


20. What is the total cost of rehabilitation for a child who has survived abuse?

The total rehabilitation cost of a child receiving support through LEADS is LKR 6,960/USD35 (non-residential care) and LKR 17,500/USD87 (residential care) per month. This cost includes legal aid, reintegration support, family strengthening, counselling, transport, educational expenses, clothing and other basic and logistical needs.


21. How does LEADS educate the family or guardians of child towards ensuring the safety and mental wellbeing of the child?

When a child is referred to LEADS for counselling and legal aid, our Child and Family Care Officers (CFCO) reach out to the family/guardian of the child with the aim of supporting the members of the family through this difficult and traumatic period and helping them face the psychosocial issues that may come their way. They work closely with the members of the child’s family and regularly visit their homes. They provide the family with advice on issues that arise such as dealing with the societal stigma of child abuse, protecting the child from future incidents of abuse, financial stability within the family and supporting the child’s reintegration needs towards education or employment. The CFCO staff also provide guidance towards resolving issues of family discord that may arise, advise against alcohol or substance abuse and create awareness on Child Rights as well as the role and responsibilities of parents/guardians. LEADS provides support for the family throughout the child’s court case and prepares the child and their family to appear at court hearings. Through the CFCOs, LEADS educates and equips the families to provide a safe and conducive environment for the child’s reintegration so as to achieve sustainable and restorative protection for each child.


22. Does the programme include children with special needs who have survived child abuse?

LEADS is only able to provide legal aid for children with severe physical and intellectual needs but we refer children with such needs to a service that is better equipped to provide them with the care and support they need. LEADS does support children with mild-to-moderate learning difficulties who are able to engage in a counselling process. We do include children with physical special needs as they are emotionally able to engage in the counselling process.