LEADS’ joined hands with Dr. Chintha Dissanayake in November 2020 when Dr. Dissanayake came on board as LEADS’ new Goodwill Ambassador. She was an integral part of raising support for the ‘Be the Gift’ Christmas campaign that proved to be a blessing to 386 of children from rural schools as well as survivors of child abuse who received back-to-school stationery packs.

As LEADS’ launches its Child Sponsorship initiative on 18 June 2021, Dr. Chintha Dissanayake will join with the programme as a dedicated ambassador for LEADS’ Child Sponsorship initiative. As a Chartered Psychologist, she firmly believes in investing in children who survive child abuse in order to restore hope into their lives. “As a psychologist who has been working with young people for over 25 years, I appreciate the importance of a positive and nurturing childhood” explains Dr. Dissanayake. “The right support at the right time in childhood clearly develops emotional, social and physical resilience in adulthood, and enables them to bring their unique talents and energies into their communities.”

Dr. Chintha Dissanayake is a Charted Psychologist specialising in Diverse and Inclusive Talent Development and is the Founder and Director of Oxford Psychometrics Limited. She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, with over 25 years of national and international experience in the development of diverse and inclusive talent in the workplace. Dr. Dissanayake is an expert in the areas of training, leadership development, career development, research, change management, educational consulting and non-profit consulting, to name just a few. She is passionate in developing the professional field of psychology in her international work, especially through her work in Sri Lanka through the mentoring and sponsorship programmes she engages in.

LEADS is grateful for the support it receives as Oxford Psychometric’s main charity and looks forward to working closely with Dr. Chintha Dissanayake and together making a difference in the lives of brave survivors of child abuse.

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